Amaryllis ‘Lemon Star’

Amaryllis ‘Lemon Star’ - Bulb

Hippeastrum ‘Lemon Star’  
If you are looking for something special, look no further. This lemon yellow Amaryllis ‘Lemon Star’ is really unusual with a greenish yellow throat! Order this lovely shade of amaryllis for in your home now!
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Hippeastrum ‘Lemon Star’ is very easy to bring into flower indoors. Choose a sturdy pot with a layer of pot shards or hydro pellets in the bottom. The bulb should be planted in fresh potting compost. Around a third of the large bulb should stand proud of the soil level. Place the Hippeastrum ‘Lemon Star’ bulb immediately in a warm spot in full sun. Water immediately but do avoid watering on the bulb.

Hippeastrum ‘Lemon Star’ has beautifully shaped flowers in a unique shade of lemon yellow that are a joy to behold. Looks wonderful in the vase or in bouquets and flower arrangements. Hippeastrum is still well-known by its old name, amaryllis.

Did you know that this beautifully coloured amaryllis comes into its own in a sheltered spot in the garden too? Do remember to lift the bulb and bring indoors well before the first frosts as it is not hardy.

A minimum of water is required until you see signs of growth, then you can water more and also add plant food to the water regularly. Stand the plant in a cool spot while flowering to prolong the blooms. Cut the stem right back after flowering.

Keeping Hippeastrum over the winter

Continue to water and feed your Hippeastrum ‘Lemon Star’ after flowering has stopped to allow the bulb to store up. Stop watering in September and allow the leaves to die off. Store your bulbs in a dark, cool and frost-free place. Pot up again in December to start it growing again.


Full sun
Growth height: 50 cm

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