Bromelia (Tillandsia cyanea) ‘Anita’

Bromelia (Tillandsia cyanea) ‘Anita’ - Plant

Tillandsia cyanea 'Anita'  

Really exotic looking!

This Bromelia ’Anita’ (Tillandsia cyanea) is a tropical surprise from South America and Central America! The long thin outward curving leaves form a rosette creating a funnel shape, from which the flower stem emerges, producing a lovely and unusual pink flower bract. A wonderful show in your home!
Delivery height approx. 30 cm, pot size P9 (Ø 9 cm).

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Plant this bromelia as soon as possible after receipt. Choose a planter with holes in the base and with a saucer to catch drained off water. Fill your pot with fresh potting compost and stand the Tillandsia cyanea ‘Anita’ at the correct depth in the pot. Add more potting compost and press it all firmly down. Water generously, immediately after planting, and then stand the pot in a warm sunny spot out of full sun. Alternatively you may use a decorative planter with an inner pot.

This bromelia will look magnificent in your living room. From the rosette of greyish-green striped leaves, a large plume of pink bracts will appear. The leaves form a sort of funnel where water can collect. The Tillandsia cyanea ‘Anita’ flowers only flower once but the blooms stay on the plant for 3 to 6 months.

After flowering is over, the bromelia will make new offshoots that (in perfect conditions) will also flower. Once the new offshoots are large enough they can be detached from the mother plant and transplanted, the mother plant will eventually die.

Tillandsia is classified as Bromeliaceae – a very extensive family of tropical plants with many varieties in all shapes and colours. Many are epiphytic (grow on trees). One of the well-known specimens of the bromeliads family is the pineapple!

Tillandsia cyanea ‘Anita’ is an easily cared for houseplant requiring little or no maintenance. When watering keep the funnel topped up with water, also water the compost. Plant food is unnecessary. The ideal temperature for this bromeliad should be between 16 and 24 degrees centigrade.

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