Petunia Cascadia 'Fantasy Hot Pink'

Petunia Cascadia 'Fantasy Hot Pink' - Plant

Petunia Petunia Cascadia® ’Fantasy Hot Pink’  

A real eye-catcher!

This magnificent, profusely flowering Petunia Cascadia® 'Fantasy Hot Pink' will transform your patio into a warm and colourful little corner with its brightly coloured flowers - a real eye-catcher. This versatile petunia is perfect in hanging baskets, pots and window-boxes but looks great in beds and borders too!
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The profusely flowering Petunia Cascadia® 'Fantasy Hot Pink' should be planted into the garden or into planters as soon as possible after receipt. Dig a wide hole and improve poor soil with some well-rotted manure or potting compost. Petunias should be planted at 20 cm intervals. Fill the pot or refill the hole in the ground, press firmly down and water immediately.

When planting in pots or containers make sure you use fresh potting compost. Petunia Cascadia® 'Fantasy Hot Pink' will be laden with flowers all summer long if positioned in full sun.

Petunias are just terrific in planters and hanging baskets

Don't you think that petunias are just made for pots, window-boxes and hanging baskets? Plant young plants close together in fresh potting compost in the spring. They will look great together with Lobelia, hanging geraniums and/or Verbena.

The long flower stems of the Petunia look especially great in hanging baskets, but they can act as ground cover too. Petunia Cascadia® 'Fantasy Hot Pink' is therefore great in borders or beds too. Try some summer flowering Petunia Cascadia® 'Fantasy Hot Pink' in a bed surrounded with low growing 'Box'. Or how about these adorable flowers along the edge of the path? Will also look very attractive hanging over a low wall - try it you will be amazed!

Regular feeding will ensure profuse flowering of the Petunia Cascadia® 'Fantasy Hot Pink'. Add plant food to the water during the flowering season. Keep deadheading to encourage new buds and flowers to grow.


Full sun
Partial shade
Growth height: 20-25 cm

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